2023-07-03 #mental-health#creativity

Focus: Health, Relationships, Creativity, Work.

Prioritize an even flow between these things and sequentially.

I want to be physically in the best shape of my life, aesthetically and physically. Prioritizing fitness for play and longevity. Slimmer body to prioritize lightness and movement. As I turn 30, the things I do now influence the reset of my life. Changing directions is easier now than later.

I want to be mentally well. Strong, resilient, gentle, kind, expansive, focusable. These things follow each other and feed off of prior actions. The things I do today beget the way I feel in the following days. Meditative practice holistically. Slow down to be present when eating, relating, exercising, working. Noticing and moving on. Breath through the hard parts.

I want to cultivate expansive relationships with friends and family. Truly be present with folks. Reach out more often to various folks. Make a list. I want to coexist, cocreate, cohabitate, and collaborate effectively and fruitfully.

I want to realize my creative dreams and focus in on my creative visions. I believe in myself to create fun, thoughtful, freaky, wonderful, expansive, immersive pieces. I want to document these things so I can realte them with others, and have fun collaborating. Being organized and fit will help me be more ok putting in the time and hard work to make this creative life real.

I want to put in the work. To make this life wonderful requires serious effort and perserverance. Onward and forward. Clean up, explode, repeat. Prune the tree to make it grow in the way we want. “Your life is the result of your own decisions” - Mind Game

  • #inspo Your life is the result of your own decisions - Mind Game