2023-07-08 #mental-health

  • #inspo Ten thoughts that swirl in my head.
    1. Tend to the fire that burns inside. It is there, and it needs feeding.
    2. Create as much as you can. Draw, write, sing out loud, move your body.
    3. Move your body as much as you can. If it feels awkward at first, keep going.
    4. Learning things is hard. Your brain is being stretched.
    5. Manifest regularly. Results of manifestation are rarely clear cut.
    6. Embrace uncertainty. Trust that your future self can handle it.
    7. Love is present. Practice softening your heart.
    8. Love is worth it. Lean in.
    9. Health is important. Factor that in to your days, weeks, months, and years.
    10. Find the humor in the day. The universe is humorous and chaotic.

In an effort to compartmentalize, I put things in todo lists and on a calendar. It allows me to separate my current self from my future self, to give me space now to focus on the present moment.