My creative motivations are centered around immediacy, utility, re-use, aesthetic comedy, joy. I work in parallel, circling around problems until the orbit becomes small enough I know I’ve arrived.

I work with structural materials, wood, metal, brackets, LEDs. All things I’ve picked up thanks to a bit of curiosity and the internet.

I lived in Seattle for 5 years, and regularly spent time at the Courts, DIY skatepark in Capitol Hill in Seattle. I gained the nickname “Courts Carpenter” one summer because I showed up regularly to sweep, fix broken ramps, and toss out trash.

Most recently, I lived at an off-grid pop-up college in the Sonoran desert next to the town of Bombay Beach at the Salton Sea. Projects are centered around trains, wood, clay, and scorpions.

I am nomadic, currently I am in Northern California, circling between Sonoma and San Francisco, helping family and friends with various projects, and reconnecting with my roots.