second reading - 2023

bodhiccita - where I end and you begin

p114 the absolute/ultimate bodhiccita refers tk the fundemental indestructible quality of awareness as our true home. When talking about ultimate bodhiccita, we are making quite the claim about the essence of the human mind… Rebecca Solnit writes: > since postmodernism reshaped the intellectual landscape, it has been problematic to even use the term “human nature”, with its implication of a stable amd universal human essence > Mahayana buddhism also provocatively proposes there are aspects ld experience, aspects of consciousness itself, that are not beholden to any specific causes or conditions > post-postmodern > radical optimist claim - awareness itself is unconditioned at its base, and therefore is the only place we can truly call home

pg118 We cultivate relative bodhiccita by engaging in a variety of practices on and off the cushion. six paramitas (transcendent practices) 1. generosity 2. discipline (staying present with relationships ) 3. patience (dealing with anger both in oneself and others) 4. rousing energy and effort 5. meditation 6. wisdom (knowing what is real and what isnt)

metta compassion meditation is about gradually shifting our karmic patterns towards poaitivity and wellbeing