Train Otaku is a project I started because I had some questions about the trains in proximity to where I was living in Bombay Beach.

Where are they going?
Where are they coming from?
What’s on the trains?
How many train cars are there?

Goal Use machine learning to understand some of these questions. Count train cars, analyze train cars, summarize trains, remix trains.

Train Otaku - Update 2024-06-15

I made some progress while at Edge Esmeralda on training the YOLOv8 machine learning model on individual train cars.

Update 2024-06-19

  • Trained YoloV10 - doesn’t do much better. Undercoujnts, less false positives
  • YoloV8 tends to double count.
  • Maybe need higher res training data?
  • what is best way to train? Find someone to ask.