Built with Quartz. It’s a static site generator for Obsidian.

I have Quartz set up to publish a folder within my Obsidian vault. The vault is just a folder on my computer. The file based workflow of Obsidian makes it simple to use these notes for other things, like hosting a website.

This page is called This Website.md and lives in the Projects folder.

How I set up my site:

  1. Set up a new Quartz.js project
  2. Navigate to the project root directory.
  3. Create a symbolic link from the directory in your vault to the content directory in your Quartz project.

For me, I use iCloud to sync/backup Obsidian, the symbolic link looks like

ln -s /Users/home/Library/Mobile\ Documents/iCloud~md~obsidian/Documents/vault/08-Portfolio/ content
  1. Currently I am using Vercel to deploy to https://simons.dev. It’s a one liner vercel deploy.