I am a type a person living in the body of a type b. That means my mind wants organization but my body wants to be lazy.

I have finally settled in at Mars even though I have been here since November 2023. I came to the desert with all of my earthly possessions in tow. I tried to pair down and put things in nice piles before arriving, and that has helped a bit.

Now that Mars has started, I am feeling the pressure of a lot happening. This means I cannot spare the time to wade through piles of unrelated things to find the thing I am looking for.


I am committed to using Obsidian extensively. I had started to use it prior to coming to Mars in 2023, but have recently started using the linking feature more in an effort to build out a richer personal knowledge management system and stay organized.

Inspiration: 100r.co


Hundred Rabbits is a duo that lives on a sail boat and practice inconvenient computing. They eschew power-grid based computing for more efficient off-grid systems.

I am inspired by their consistent output, well defined aesthetic, and commitment to an alternative lifestyle these things enable and come from.