Build started: November 6th 2023. Mars started: January 1 2024.

Build took two months. We made picked up material, loaded it on to a trailer, drove it a mile out in to the desert, and dropped it off. We repeated this many times. It was a communal barn raising, lifting pallet rack uprights in to the air and securing them with 12’ orange cross members.

I participated everyday, from the moving of materials to the building of long noodle beams to laying plywood floors and walls.

I created a zine called Nice Piles that elaborated on the early days of build.

Build never really finished, we are still patching holes and making the structure named chiba wind and dustproof.

It may have been an oversight to not make it water proof, or at least some sections. The water flooded in today (2024-01-22) from all the seams. It was an inch of rain over 12 hours, and not a single piece of the building was dry.