1. Create vision & mission statements for yourself and/or an organization you are a part of or want to create. BONUS: Do it for Mars.

My vision for Mars is to creatively solve communal problems, enable my creativity through the hard work of being organized, refining and documenting my process, and finishing projects. My mission at Mars is to develop my creative identity so that I can build projects with other creative people.

My vision for my self is to be a disciplined and creative individual who finishes projects and collaborates with good people. My mission is to bring wonder and benefit to the community around me.

2. Create a set of SMART goals for your time on Mars.

2-8 goals - make sure the set feels achievable.

S - Specific - What will be accomplished? What actions will you take?

M - Measurable - What data will measure the goal? (How much? How well?

A - Achievable - Is the goal doable? Do you have the necessary skills and resources?

R - Relevant - How does the goal align with broader goals? Why is the result important?

T - Time-Bound - What is the time frame for accomplishing the goal?

  1. I will build and code a train spotter pipeline to make a discord bot that notifies on the number of train cars that pass by during daylight hours. I will do this by finals.
  2. I will design, prototype, build, and install 3 solar lamps by midterms.
  3. I will move forward the creation of a pizza/bread oven on Mars made of earthen materials in the next two weeks.
  4. I will iterate on a finished MarsSpace site using Quartz/Obsidian by Midterms. It will function as my slides and knowledge base.
  5. I will put in 1 day of work per week at Sunflower Labs to continue learning to renovate a property.
  6. I will put in 1 day of work per week towards the development of my personal organization systems - tools, clothes, gear, notes, digital space, mind.
  7. I will do yoga 3 times per week to enable flexibility and make progress towards a 1 minute handstand.
  8. I will spend 1 hour per week developing an Artist Statement by the end of Mars.

3. Create a set of SMART goals for this year (self/organization/etc.)

  1. I will do a simple yoga routine 3 times per week this year.
  2. I will document the projects, ideas, and musings I create, and push these changes monthly to my website (tbd, what is my site domain?? make it whimsical)
  3. I will spend 1 month in Seattle this summer to skateboard and ride bicycles with friends.
  4. I will find enough contract work to work 400 hours this year - 10 full 40 hour work weeks.
  5. I will go on a skateboard trip with my friends in July for Brian’s birthday.
  6. I will acquire and build out a new vehicle that is larger before the summer.