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One hour build with Charles.

I’ve had these two Ikea quad-fold cushions for a long time. They were my van bed for a while, then just floor cushions. I brought them to the desert with the idea to make some seating with them.

Charles began work on the MoM - Museum of Mars - on the second floor of Chiba. We commenced on a one hour build during a lull in Martian calendar activity.

I had had this idea to make double sided chairs with them, like a museum center sofa. We found an old memory foam mattress (there’s a surprising number of these lying around Mars) and used it as the base. We cut four identical triangles from plywood scraps, and added three 2x4 support members for each pair. This construction is similar to that used to make skate ramps.

A simple design, that comes together nicely and modularly. It can be used in the center for equal sized couches, or on the ends for a lounge chair experience.

We added a blue rug I had to the top of the mattress.

It is very comfy. Many have napped on it and chilled. Success!