I attempted to do this, and started a new git repo with a bunch of flashy libraries to try and flex my coding skills. I decided that it was too much effort to sit at the computer everyday amongst the chaotic systems at Mars college, so I am drawing everyday.

1. Particles. Lots of them.

2. No Palettes

3. Pixels

4. Droste Effect

5. In the style of Vera Molnár

6. Screensaver

7. Progress bar / loading indicator

8. Chaotic System


10. Hexagonal

11. In the style of Annie Albers (1894 - 1994)

12. Lava Lamp

13. Wobbly Function Day

14. Less than 1kb Artwork

15. Use a physics library

16. Draw 10,000 of something

I tried drawing 10,000 white squares. Uncertain if number was actually achieved.

17. Inspired by Islamic art

18. Bauhaus

19. Flocking

20. Generative Typography