Recent Documented Projects

I enjoy working with web-focused technologies. Intimately familiar with browser apis, debuggers, and quirks. Can transform any design in to a responsive web experience. Knows how to debug, and find performance bottlenecks.


main focus: React, JavaScript, Node.js, Bash, CSS (all flavors), HTML
worked with: Python, Kubernetes, Docker, Next.js, serverless (GCP, AWS), Contentful, WordPress,

Professional Work

Most recently a solo-freelance dev.
Before that a Software Engineer at Glowforge (laser cutters).


I have a scholastic background in Computer Science and professional experience working on web platforms.

I took an interest in programming because of web technologies. My friend introduced me to Flash programming for web games on Newgrounds and Miniclip. Since then I have focused on the web platform for work. I enjoy working with browsers, and bringing UI and UX ideas to life. Additionally, I’ve gotten good at developing software in support of websites and web apps - fullstack development, dev-ops, integration, design systems, and more.